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Avoiding Toxic People

Avoiding Toxic People

You know you are being manipulated when you begin doing, saying, or believing things that are serving them, as opposed to you. Healthy people encourage and empower you to be your best.Manipulators tell people that they know what’s best for you.” - Nancy Irwin, Psy.D.

You will come across many different people in your life; some will be good and some will be bad, but the problem is that you will never truly know a book by its cover. Some people completely change after you get to know them. Most notably, you will come across people, family, or friends, who are extremely toxic. I know this because I have came across these types of people and learned about them when I was studying psychology in college.

So what is a toxic person and how can you spot them? A toxic person can have a number of characteristics.

Firstly, they tend to be narcissistic and care only about themselves. And in relationships or friendships, you will often find these people being self-centered and won’t care for your needs - but only care about their own.

These individuals want to be in complete control of what you do. Even if you are right, they will do everything in their power to prove that you were wrong UNTIL you agree with him.

Toxic people can also be very negative and suck out all the energy you have, which can sometimes cause feelings of being overwhelmed, until it eventually leads you to depression or anxiety. This type of toxicity comes from a person who is never happy and secure, unless everyone around them is unhappy. If they tend to be this way, you need to run, because this type of behavior can be emotionally abusive. Do not wait around for them to apologize for their behavior either because toxic people never apologize for anything wrong they have done.

Toxic people will always ask for you advice, but never take it. They want you to constantly feel sorry for them. This is especially hard, if you are a nice person you may easily fall victim to their manipulative techniques. They will complain to you about how bad their life is, and then, when you offer help: they either don’t want it or don’t appreciate it. This will really drain you!


As I have stated above, toxic people can be very insecure which leads them to jealousy. This negative feeling allows them to talk badly about you to other people - ALL the time . This is a way to make themselves feel better, when in reality it’s just their negative coping mechanism.

Learning from my own experiences, I do recommend that if you notice somebody in your life having any of these behaviors, you have to walk away immediately. Don’t try to fix or help a toxic individual, because in the end they will never accept your help. You will end up feeling sad and burnt out. Don’t forget that your mental health and feelings are a priority.


Remember, always smile and tap into a positive frequency➕

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